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Belize and Guatemala
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Belize and Guatemala

Start your trip in Antigua where pastel coloured houses and an amazing clock tower await you. Head for the amazing market of Chichicastenango where the churches smell almost magical before you head for the town of Coban. Here you can find amazing cave systems as well as amazing turquoise pools, a popular swimming attraction. Then you head for the jungle of Tikal before you cross into Belize where you head for San Ignacio. You must visit the ATM cave which will awaken the Dr. Jones in you. Then finally kick back on a small island where life simple goes slower. Do not forget to stick your head under water to find Nemo!

Belize and Guatemala
The best of Guatemala and Belize
Start your trip in Antigua where pastel coloured houses and an amazing clock tower await you. Head for the amazing market of Chichicastenango where the churches smell almost magical before you...
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Guatemala and Belize highlights and beaches
Start your trip in Antigua where pastel coloured houses and an amazing clock tower await you. Head for the amazing market of Chichicastenango where the churches smell almost magical before you...
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To give you inspiration we thought it would be helpful to make an overview of places which are definitely worth visiting when you come to the Mundo Maya! See this as a small guide to get acquainted with what we have to offer and we hope this helps you make the right decisions for a future trip you might be planning.


Placencia is a perfect beach town and you can use it as such. You could also go for an excursion to Bird Island or the nearby Monkey River which is self explanatory.

Orange Walk

This is the main base from where to take a boat trip up to the ruins of Lamanai or for longer excursions into the wilds of Northern Belize. Orange Walk is beautifully located along the New River, which meanders lazily through the east side of town.


Probably the first place you sleep after arriving in Guatemala. The iconic clocktower over de road, the pastel coloured buildings. Everything is loungy about Antigua where the squares are cozy and full of life and the nearby Pacaya volcano is worth a visit.


Picture the most beautiful postcard: a gorgeous blue lake completed by a few volcanoes and small towns where people still live a life without mobile phones.


Every Thursday and Sunday this sleepy town is turned into a real happening. But it is not just the market. Churches are full of a mythical feeling and in the surrounding hills old Mayan rituals take place.


Xela, as this city is called by the locals, is often overlooked by travellers. The city itself is really worth a visit but the surrounding volcanoes with hot springs and local markets make it even more worth your while.


If you want to awaken the Indiana Jones in you then this is the place to be. It is also a wonderful place for those who love nature and that mystical feel in the morning. The temples in Tikal are magnificent any time of the day and a must visit!


This small town derived its fame from nearby Tikal but it does also do well on its own. It lies on a small island in a lake which makes the town very compact and nice to discover. Nearby jungle excursions are easily organised as well.

Rio Dulce / Livingston

A trip on the Rio Dulce is a wonderful experience. You lazily float along the river to end up in Livingston where the local population gives the place a really laid back feel. It is mostly mangroves here but some secluded beaches can be found.

Belize City

Not the most spectacular of places but the atmosphere could be a lot worse and it is the gateway to Belize itself. You would think it is the capital but it isn’t, that is Belmopan.

Coban / Lanquin / Semuc Champey

Visiting Coban is visiting the gorgeous limestone plateaus and pool of Semuc Champey. Add to that the cave systems at Lanquin and you have an amazing day out.

Belize Zoo

Would you sleep at a zoo in Belize? Probably not but this is not just any zoo. This is more of a rescue place for orphaned animals and a tour at night through the place and the surrounding jungle can be very rewarding.

Copan (Honduras)

Copan is a small village in the mystical mountains of western Honduras. This picturesque town serves as a starting point to the ruins of Copan, which count as one of the most important sites of the Mayan civilization.

Maya Center / Cockscomb National Park

Cockscomb NP is the place to spot a jaguar in Belize but do not get your hopes up too high. The parc is amazing because of its rich flora and fauna and the guides from Maya Centre will show you that beauty at day and at night during amazing walks in the jungle.


A small community which is located at a nice beach and therefore a great place to relax for a few days.

Caye Caulker

If Bob Marley had a private island it would probably be Caye Caulker. Super laid back and full with small restaurants and bars. Slide under a palm tree and enjoy life. Or hop aboard a great sailboat to discover the great blue while snorkelling the reefs.

Ambergris Caye

Sung about by Madonna in La Isla Bonito this island has it all. And you can discover it’s goodness by bike of golf cart. Go snorkelling or diving or kick back and sip a cocktail while overlooking the ocean.

San Ignacio

This is the outdoor capital of Central America. Greatest highlight is the excursion to the Actun Tunichil Muknal which awakens the Indiana Jones in you but the area is full of excursions like cave tubing and jungle activities. A visit to the Mayan ruins of Caracol is also an option.

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Travel tips

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Dear Lise-Marie,

Unfortunately we are back in the Netherlands, catching up from our flight. We would like to thank you very much for all your help and services! We had an amazing time in Mexico, with a trip that had everything. Cities, nature, history and relaxation and then also amazing accommodations! Once again, words cannot express our gratitude enough. We will be sure to visit again in the future and should we have friends who want to visit we will certainly recommend your services.

Very warm regards,




Mexico trip february 2022

Dear Laura,

Casa Don Diego is a very nice hotel with a very nice (French) owner, a beautiful swimming pool and a delicious breakfast. The rooms are beautiful. attractive, clean and spacious.

Thank you very much for everything you have done for us. It was perfectly arranged. We had a great time in Mexico and on Caye Caulker.

When we are back in the Netherlands, I will write a good review for Solana in Google. Are there more places where I can write a good review for Solana?

Warm regards,

Krijn and Marny

Mexico & Belize - August 2021

Hola! The tour was very interesting, we enjoyed it very much! We can't believe that our tour is almost over but we had a great time! thank you! – clients E.

Mexico - February 2020

Hi Laura, we are at Antigua again. Tonight we will leave home. We will thank you for all your support and help this holiday. We had a wonderful time, and we felt enormous blessed that we could make this trip! Thank you. – clients vd M.

Guatemala and Mexico - February 2020

Dear Erika, we are at the airport, the ride from just 90mins. Thank you for your help and support throughout the last 3 weeks. We very much enjoyed México, this was an amazing trip. Best, Sören + Dominik

Mexico - November 2021

Hola Team Solana,

now we are waiting in Mexico City to enter our flight back home.

We enjoyed the last hours in Tulum very much- although there were so many tourists ;-)

We hope that we will come back soon because there are so many things we could not visit.

Mexico is a beautiful country with handsome and friendly people.

I just can repeat myself: thank you very much. - clients S.

Mexico - September 2021

We are just back in Amsterdam and we want to thank you for the perfectly organized trip. We've had a wonderful holiday.

Best regards,

Ekkehard and Ilona

Mexico trip november 2021

Hola Delphine!

I just posted the review on TrustPilot: five stars! We would like to thank you for the amazing experience in Mexico. The trip was exactly what we had hoped and we really appreciate the help and energy that you put into our holiday.

If you can, please also extend this thanks to everyone at Solana Tours!

Thanks again and warmest regards from a rainy & cold Holland

Sophie & Daphne

Mexico Trip January 2022
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