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  Betty Bolte
My love affair with Latin American began with a year’s journey, taking a break from Europe, learning Spanish and exploring a different side of life. This wonderful adventure inspired my life in the world of travel beginning as a tour leader taking groups through Mexico and Central America in the late 1990s. After deciding to make Mexico my home in 2000, I set up Solana Tours in order to share my extensive experience and enthusiasm for our destinations in designing new routes for my own clients.
My personal knowledge of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize means that Solana Tours can provide a really special adventure which fits your needs perfectly.
For many years, we have been working directly with knowledgeable local tour guides and small hotels, building strong relationships, to ensure that our clients get a real feel for the area and the people. To me this is what travel is all about… 


Erika Estrada
Hi, My name is Erika and I'm head of our operations department at Solana Tours.
I'm thankfull for all the things around me, I enjoy the simple things of life and I love to share all moments with my Family and Friends, I enjoy traveling with a backpack and walk around taking pictures, my favorite time of the day is sunset with a good coffee. 


Elvira Huijsen
ElviraHola! I am Elvira and I am in charge of the sales department at Solana Tours. I am from the Netherlands but have found my new home here in Mexico already many years ago. I love the way of living here, everything is more relaxed, people are so open and friendly and make you feel welcome everywhere you go. And of course the great weather all year round is helping too ;-)

In my free time I love to go to the beach and visit new restaurants as I am a hugh foodie and love everything about the mexican food, except maybe the hot salsas as I am still not used to them ;-). My favorite place would be Playa del Carmen, as this is my home. But I also love to visit the island of Isla Mujeres, the cenotes in the Yucatán área and Mexico City, where my boyfriend is from.

Mayela Rodriguez
I’m a person who always sees everything in a positive way! I feel very lucky living in Playa del Carmen and to be able to enjoy all the Iandscapes surrounding me. Mainly our amazing cenotes , beaches, and all the natural places. I love visiting the “pueblitos mágicos” and I love the feeling every time I discover a new one!  I’m also a fan of the Mexican cuisine with its thousands of delicious dishes. My favourite will always be “the tacos” however they may be filled. Normally in my free time I like watching movies and stay at home relaxing, but my perfect day will be sitting on a little known beach with family & friends,my doggies and of course a cold beer in my hand. 


Lourdes Lecona
My name is Lourdes Lecona and I am originally from the city of Puebla. I like to travel with my family, get to know different places and enjoy nature. I am in the administration department of Solana Tours. I decided to come to work in the Riviera Maya, because from the moment I came to Playa del Carmen, I fell in love with the beach, the sun, the ruins, the vegetation. That's why I have been living here for 10 years and without a doubt, I really enjoy living in this place.


Laura Cruz Saldaña
Hola! I am Lau, I´m from Puebla but I moved to Playa del Carmen 15 years ago, so for conviction I´m now a proud "Playense". I love to travel and discover new places, but I also really enjoy staying at home with my family or talking for hours with friends. I believe that life is gorgeous so I try to enjoy every moment and smile as much as I can.


Elizabeth Mora
Hello everyone! This is Ely. I’ve been living in Playa del Carmen for almost 13 years and I love to live close to the beach. I like traveling around the world discovering other cultures and making new friends. My dream is to visit as many countries as I can, collecting big memories.
My day starts with a cup of coffee and continues with limitless sets of music. I like to attend concerts, discover new restaurants and art exhibitions.


Paty Ibáñez

Hello there! I'm Paty. I grew up in Querétaro, but I've been living in the Caribbean for nearly 8 years. 
I consider myself a romantic girl who is in love with nature, art and animals.
I love to travel and capture the beauty that surrounds us through my lens. In my free time, you'll find me lost in the pages of a good book, watching movies, taking photos or painting.
Recently, I embarked on a new adventure as part of the Solana Tours Team, where I hope to share my passion for exploration and create unforgettable journeys for others.


Bere Achirica

Hello my name is Bere, friend of the sun and sports. I love running in the jungle while enjoying some good music. At home we have the tradition of traveling as a family to new destinations, within Mexico as well as to other countries. One of my greatest desires is to get to know the Congo in Africa. See you soon!!



Cristhyan Alvear

Hello! I'm Cristhyan Alvear, hailing from the vibrant Mexico City. An avid traveller at heart, I've discovered my haven in the breathtaking Riviera Maya. From the sandy shores to the captivating sunsets, I cherish every moment spent amidst its beauty. Alongside cherished friends, I delight in exploring the wonders that this enchanting region has to offer.


Hope to see you all soon in Mexico!


Why choose Solana Tours?

  • 20 years of experience
  • local knowledge
  • fast response
  • great prices
  • multilingual

What sets us apart?

  • flexibility: we're happy to fit our itineraries to your personal needs
  • personal touch: we're available for any questions, before and during your trip
  • transparency: You will receive clear and comprehensive quotes without any hidden costs

Solana is committed to sustainability    

Solana Tours is a forward-looking incoming tour agency whose mission is to provide our clients with an honest, local experience; promoting cultural and environmental immersion through close links with neighbourhood suppliers.

As we are very aware of our own footprint we do take pride in making sure we do our utmost to only take the positive effects that travel can have on communities and the environment.

During the ITB held in march 2019 Solana Tours was rewarded with the Travelife award and we are very proud to be a member.

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