payment policy

payment policy

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Payment policy

We expect you to do a down payment of 25% of the trip costs upon making the booking. The outstanding amount needs to be in our account before the start of the trip. If your trip starts in Playa del Carmen we can accept a payment at our office with a maximum of 1500 USD in cash only. Mexican tax laws are very strict and we have to adhere to them. Our office can be found in the centre of Playa del Carmen.

We will of course provide you with our bank details once the booking is completed.


Why choose Solana Tours?

  • 20 years of experience
  • local knowledge
  • fast response
  • great prices
  • multilingual

What sets us apart?

  • flexibility: we're happy to fit our itineraries to your personal needs
  • personal touch: we're available for any questions, before and during your trip
  • transparency: You will receive clear and comprehensive quotes without any hidden costs

Solana is committed to sustainability    

Solana Tours is a forward-looking incoming tour agency whose mission is to provide our clients with an honest, local experience; promoting cultural and environmental immersion through close links with neighbourhood suppliers.

As we are very aware of our own footprint we do take pride in making sure we do our utmost to only take the positive effects that travel can have on communities and the environment.

During the ITB held in march 2019 Solana Tours was rewarded with the Travelife award and we are very proud to be a member.

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