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Mexico is an amazing destination. Whether you want to visit its deserts in the north with its amazing sea life. Or the mountainous region of Chiapas with its rich culture and amazing colourful population steeped in history? What about an adventurous jungle adventure on the Yucatan peninsula where the rich history of the Mayan civilisation can be found as well. Add to the above an amazing kitchen and memorable holidays like Dia del Los Muertos and you have all the ingredients for a trip you will never forget! Come discover white sandy paradise beaches with us and submerge in a sea full of life where colourful reefs and whale sharks fight for your attention. Viva Mexico.

Yucatan 15 days
Mexico is way too big to just have one route. You can opt to just visit the Yucatan peninsula where you start in Cancun, add city flavours with visits to Merida and Campeche. Put in an island or 2...
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Mexico City to Cancun
Mexico is way too big to just have one route. You can opt to just visit the Yucatan peninsula where you start in Cancun, add city flavours with visits to Merida and Campeche. Put in an island or 2...
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Highlights of Mexico
Mexico is way too big to just have one route. You can opt to just visit the Yucatan peninsula where you start in Cancun, add city flavours with visits to Merida and Campeche. Put in an island or 2...
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El Chiepe Train
The north of Mexico is little known by most people. That makes sense as Yucatan and the surrounding provinces have such a lot to offer but there are some places in the north which are truly a must...
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To give you inspiration we thought it would be helpful to make an overview of places which are definitely worth visiting when you come to the Mundo Maya! See this as a small guide to get acquainted with what we have to offer and we hope this helps you make the right decisions for a future trip you might be planning.

Chiapa de Corzo / Canyon del Sumidero

This “Pueblo Mágico”, Magical Town, is well known for the Grijalva River, its Renaissance structures, warm people, colours everywhere you look and its impressive natural wonders, such as the Sumidero Canyon where you can find crocodiles.

Mexico City

Immerse yourself in the city and visit the famous sites such as the Zócalo, Metropolitan Cathedral, Templo Mayor, National Palac Anthropology Museum and Chapultepec Castle. Outside the city be sure to visit the pre-Hispanic site of Teotihuacan whose Nahuatl name means “place where gods were born”.

Chichen Itza

Being one of the 7 new wonders of the world you should of course not miss out on Chichen Itza. Be sure to visit the complex either early morning or later afternoon to avoid the biggest crowds.


Rich in history and culture, Oaxaca is a fascinating destination where ancient civilizations, colonial architecture and alive traditions confluence. The culture and warmth of its people are the main reasons for traveling and getting wrapped by the Oaxacan universe. Discover the mountain top ruins of the Zopotecan/Mixtecan city of Monte Alban, which sits 10 km outside of Oaxaca.

Rio Lagartos

About an hour’s drive from Merida you find this amazing natural habitat that is mostly known for its flamingos. But other than that it is home to raccoons, armadillo’s and crocodiles. A guide will try and show you all its richness.


Puebla is overshadowed by two volcanoes contrasting with its highly decorated colonial buildings and colourful streets, which according to legend were created by angels for humans to enjoy.

Laguna Bacalar

Get to know this stunning lake through the network of mangroves – home to many different bird species making the most of this peaceful haven where the only sound to be heard is your oars gently splashing in the clear fresh waters. Sit and enjoy the sunrise over the rippling water and be blown away.


Campeche was once the busiest harbour in this area and was well known by pirates. That is why the Campechanos build an impressive wall to defend themselves. Today you can still see three of the seven parts (Baluartes).


Also known as the white city. Explore the centre of this vibrant city...choose from the markets, museums and churches which fill the centre and give many options for entertainment and education. You can also visit some of the many cenotes surrounding Merida, which form part of a huge underground network of fresh water. Even enjoy a nice swim in the cold water. Or maybe do a walking food tour to explore the great flavours of the Yucatan cuisine.

Kolem Jaa

Awaken the adventurer in you and come visit the waterfalls on which you can rappel or zipline between the trees. There are also caves to explore so what are you waiting for?


Tehuantepec is a friendly town with a typical Mexican atmosphere. In the city, many beautiful and strong local Zapotec women live. They are famous for their beautiful embroidered traditional dresses, ceramics and jewellery. You will not encounter many tourists in this city, which ensures an authentic atmosphere.

San Cristobal de las Casas

The city of San Cristobal lies within Chiapas and has a lot of charm and beautiful buildings. You can easily spend a day on all the beautiful squares but the real charm lies in the adjacent small villages where old traditions are very much kept alive.


A lot of trips use this place as a stopover. Villahermosa lies in Tabasco state. A must-see is the museum & park called La Venta where some impressive Olmec statues are on display.


The yellow town of Izamal is a feast for the eyes. The monastery is huge and there are also some old Mayan ruins to visit.


The Mayan city of Uxmal is situated on the Puuc Route. Explore the ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Uxmal, where the well-preserved temples give a good idea of how life was for the original inhabitants. Climb the large pyramid (Adivino) known as the Pyramid of the Magician with its unusual oval shape and great views over the surrounding jungle.

Isla Holbox

Relax and enjoy your island paradise to the maximum… either in a hammock under the palm trees or on a rented golf buggy exploring this tiny tropical treasure. You could take an optional boat trip out to where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean to snorkel with the biggest fish in the world, the whale sharks. Revel in this once in a lifetime experience and make sure you take your camera (June to September)!


One of the hippest towns at the Riviera Maya, Tulum is almost a must visit. It’s temples at sea are famous but also the nearby Biosphere of Sian Ka’an is worth a visit. Add to that the bohémien atmosphere and you have a fantastic spot to stay!

Isla Mujeres

Right across from Cancun this island still holds it backpacker charm although the beach clubs are very loungy nowadays. Pamper yourself while enjoying the white beaches which are hard to find at the main land.


Famous for the opportunity to swim with turtles, Akumal is still a nice small fisher town and if you look to avoid big crowds then this is certainly an option. The turtles are always there so put on your mask and go nuts.

Isla Cozumel

Cozumel is every divers dream and just across from Playa del Carmen. It has the advantage of not having a lot of seaweed on its beaches which makes it a strong contender to stay for a few nights and turtles to snorkel with finish the job!


This used to be a super quiet sleepy place with an easy accessible reef just in front of the beach. Nowadays cruise lines sometimes stop here but on other days it is still very sleepy and laid back. For the beach lovers!

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen has a much smaller feel to it then Cancun. Yet a lot of nice restaurants have a branch here. Beach life and shopping combined is probably an apt description of the town that still has a lot of atmosphere.

Puerto Morelos

If you do not want to be stuck in the crowds at Cancun or Playa del Carmen then Puerto Morelos might just fit you. Not nearly as pretentious as Tulum but a place with a nice atmosphere and plenty of beach bars to enjoy the day.


Most trips to Yucatan start of end at the international airport of Cancun and spending a night here is not the worst that can happen to you. Beaches with white sand and fantastic food and drinks await you!

Puerto Escondido

Sandy beaches and palm trees silhouetted against a blue sky. Fresh fruit at the market. Fresh and distinctive Oaxacan cuisine at a local restaurant. This is Puerto Escondido, a sun-drenched Mexican paradise whose beaches attract visitors from everywhere.


Make the most of your visit: The gates open at 8am and we highly recommend arriving early to enjoy the morning birdsong and the jungle mist rising over these impressive Mayan temples. After climbing the many pyramids of Palenque, cool off with a visit to the nearby waterfalls of Misol-Ha and Agua Azul.

Puerto Angel

This town is not only known for its beaches. It also makes a great rum! We think it does not need any more introduction. It is mostly visited by local tourists so if you feel like soaking up the local atmosphere…

Xpujil / Calakmul

This is a less known area but be sure to visit Calakmul as it is one of the best kept secrets of Mexico. The Mayan temple complex is amazing and lies within thick jungle but the area is full of live and do not be surprised if you run into coati’s, howler monkeys and yes…jaguars!


This place is not much visited but is an excellent starting point for a raft of kayak adventure. If you are into nature and birdlife we also think Jalcomulco might grow on you.


Not only is Valladolid a very pretty, typical Mexican town. It is also very close to the Mayan temples of Chichen Itza and Coba of which the latter ones are less known but fun to explore with a mountain bike!

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Travel tips

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Dear Lise-Marie,

Unfortunately we are back in the Netherlands, catching up from our flight. We would like to thank you very much for all your help and services! We had an amazing time in Mexico, with a trip that had everything. Cities, nature, history and relaxation and then also amazing accommodations! Once again, words cannot express our gratitude enough. We will be sure to visit again in the future and should we have friends who want to visit we will certainly recommend your services.

Very warm regards,




Mexico trip february 2022

Dear Laura,

Casa Don Diego is a very nice hotel with a very nice (French) owner, a beautiful swimming pool and a delicious breakfast. The rooms are beautiful. attractive, clean and spacious.

Thank you very much for everything you have done for us. It was perfectly arranged. We had a great time in Mexico and on Caye Caulker.

When we are back in the Netherlands, I will write a good review for Solana in Google. Are there more places where I can write a good review for Solana?

Warm regards,

Krijn and Marny

Mexico & Belize - August 2021

Hola! The tour was very interesting, we enjoyed it very much! We can't believe that our tour is almost over but we had a great time! thank you! – clients E.

Mexico - February 2020

Dear Erika, we are at the airport, the ride from just 90mins. Thank you for your help and support throughout the last 3 weeks. We very much enjoyed México, this was an amazing trip. Best, Sören + Dominik

Mexico - November 2021

Hola Team Solana,

now we are waiting in Mexico City to enter our flight back home.

We enjoyed the last hours in Tulum very much- although there were so many tourists ;-)

We hope that we will come back soon because there are so many things we could not visit.

Mexico is a beautiful country with handsome and friendly people.

I just can repeat myself: thank you very much. - clients S.

Mexico - September 2021

We are just back in Amsterdam and we want to thank you for the perfectly organized trip. We've had a wonderful holiday.

Best regards,

Ekkehard and Ilona

Mexico trip november 2021

Hola Delphine!

I just posted the review on TrustPilot: five stars! We would like to thank you for the amazing experience in Mexico. The trip was exactly what we had hoped and we really appreciate the help and energy that you put into our holiday.

If you can, please also extend this thanks to everyone at Solana Tours!

Thanks again and warmest regards from a rainy & cold Holland

Sophie & Daphne

Mexico Trip January 2022

Hola Erika,

Now we are back in Germany and can memorize a great tour through the south of México during the last three weeks. We want to thank you and your colleagues for your outstanding and professional support. We hope that the Salsa teacher is in good health again. May be next time in Mèxico we will have more luck learning salsa. Besides this the whole tour was a great experience. We wish you all the best for the future. Stay in good health.

Best regards.
Petra and Kai

Mexico Trip February 2022
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