Guatemala in 14 days

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Guatemala in 14 days

Start your trip in Antigua and have a go at climbing the Pacaya volcano. The walk itself is not too steep and you might be rewarded with a glimpse of lava. The you head to the Lake of Atitlan which is one of the prettiest landscapes you will ever see. Via the turquoise pools of Semuc Champey you can then awake the Indiana Jones in you at the Mayan complex of Tikal. From there you head to Rio Dulce and Livingston to get a glimpse of Garifuna life and enjoy some white sandy beaches before heading home.

Day 1 & 2

When you arrive in Guatemala City we will be at the ready and smoothly transfer you in less than an hour from the hustle and bustle of Guatemala City to Antigua. Antigua has an amazing backdrop with the active Pacaya volcano in the background. The city itself bathes in pastel colours and you should really take the time to stroll along it’s beautiful squares and very special clocktower that spans the road. Sip a cappuccino at one of the many loungy bars and restaurants that dot the main squares.

Day 3

If at all possible we will try and have you visit Chichicastenango. The market itself is already well worth a visit but the real treat are the churches where priests walk around with giant baskets of sage and the air is filled with magic. In the hill surrounding the city ancient Mayan traditions are kept alive by Mayan priests and you will feel privileged to witness these rituals. Please keep in mind that the market days are Thursday and Sunday and on other days there is little to see. After the market visit you move to Panajachel.

Day 4

Panajachel is a town like many others but it finds itself at the shores of Lake Atitlan which itself is guarded by 3 impressive volcanoes. No wonder that many visitors are in shock and awe of the place. Take a tour on the lake to let it all sink in! Should you cross the lake then be on the lookout for Maximon, a local deity which is fun to go and visit.

Day 5 & 6

If will be quite a long travelling day but eventually you will reach Coban which is located in the heartland of Guatemala. On day 6 you will visit the amazing turquoise pools and caves of the Semuc Champey and Lanquin area and you will be happy you made the long trip to get here! This excursion is included in your trip.

Day 7 & 8

You next stop is Tikal. We know a lot of people stay in the town of Flores but then you miss out on the best part; seeing and hearing the jungle wake up while sitting on one of the pyramids is something you will never ever forget. Howler monkeys will greet you while you ascend. It is up to you to visit the complex with or without a guide. With a guide you might see more wildlife but without leaves you alone with the jungle around you.

Day 9 & 10

Today you head for Rio Dulce whereas on day 10 you will hop on a boat to head for Livingston. This is really an amazing trip to make and you will get a real feel for the local life. Rio Dulce is a sleepy town where everything revolves around the river. That same river that will take you to Livingston which is located at its mouth. Birdlife is more than prolific so sit back and enjoy!

Day 11 & 12

Livingston is special as it has a big Garifuna population. They are descendants from African slaves that rebuild their lives here and speak mostly Pidgeon English. The vibe is very relaxed and these days are meant for you to kick back. Head for Playa Blanca, one of the few beaches in Guatemala that have that super Caribbean feel to it!

Day 13

You will never want to leave but it is time to head back. Take the boat back to Rio Dulce where we will be waiting to take you back to Antigua for one last night.

Day 14

We will give you a transfer to the airport and you fly back home.



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Price indication

The price for this trip starts from
$ 1375 per person but this is depending on the time of year


Included in the trip

  • Accommodation during the trip on bed and breakfast basis
  • Boat trip to and from Livingston
  • Comprehensive description of the trip and 24/7 back up
  • Private airport transfers
  • Excursion to Semuc Champey while staying in Coban
  • Transfers by collectivo. These are mostly small minivans that collect you at your hotel and drop them off at your next hotel. These transfers might mean travelling with other tourists


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Ervaringen van anderen

Hi Laura, we are at Antigua again. Tonight we will leave home. We will thank you for all your support and help this holiday. We had a wonderful time, and we felt enormous blessed that we could make this trip! Thank you. – clients vd M.

Guatemala and Mexico - February 2020

We are just back in Amsterdam and we want to thank you for the perfectly organized trip. We've had a wonderful holiday.

Best regards,

Ekkehard and Ilona

Mexico trip november 2021

Hola Delphine!

I just posted the review on TrustPilot: five stars! We would like to thank you for the amazing experience in Mexico. The trip was exactly what we had hoped and we really appreciate the help and energy that you put into our holiday.

If you can, please also extend this thanks to everyone at Solana Tours!

Thanks again and warmest regards from a rainy & cold Holland

Sophie & Daphne

Mexico Trip January 2022


Dear Lise-Marie,

Unfortunately we are back in the Netherlands, catching up from our flight. We would like to thank you very much for all your help and services! We had an amazing time in Mexico, with a trip that had everything. Cities, nature, history and relaxation and then also amazing accommodations! Once again, words cannot express our gratitude enough. We will be sure to visit again in the future and should we have friends who want to visit we will certainly recommend your services.

Very warm regards,




Mexico trip february 2022
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